Our vision is to develop quantum secure communications technologies for new markets, enabling widespread use and adoption – from government and commerce through to consumers and the home. Using proven concepts such as quantum key distribution (QKD) systems, we aim to advance these to a commercialisation-ready stage.  Specifically, we are delivering:

  • Short-range, free-space, QKD systems: enabling many-to-one, short-range, quantum-secured communications, for consumer, commercial and defence markets.
  • “QKD-on-a-chip” modules: scaled down and integrated QKD component devices, for producing robust, miniaturised sender, receiver and switch systems.
  • Establishment of a UK Quantum Network: which integrates QKD into secure communication infrastructures at access, metropolitan and inter-city scales, thus enabling device and system trials, integration of quantum and conventional communications, and demonstrations for user engagement.
  • “Next generation” quantum communications technologies: which includes investigative and exploratory work that addresses QKD vulnerabilities and delivers technologies beyond what is currently available.

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