Demonstrations of quantum communications systems have existed for a number of years now, but with limitations on their capabilities that have prevented large scale commercialisation of these technologies. Within our Hub we are developing new quantum communications technologies that will overcome these limitations, enabling widespread use and adoption – from government and commerce through to consumers and the home.

Specifically we are developing:

Short-range, free-space QKD technologies

These technologies will enable many-to-one, short-range, quantum-secured communications for consumer, commercial and defence markets.

Chip-scale QKD technologies

We are scaling down and integrating the QKD component devices to produce robust, miniaturised sender, receiver and switch systems, “QKD-on-a-chip” modules.

Quantum Networking

We are building metro-scale networks in Bristol and Cambridge and will link these via the UK National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS), and on to BT Adastral Park near Ipswich, to form the UK Quantum Network.

Next-Generation Quantum Communications Technologies

We are delivering: (i) quantum signatures for security applications not covered by QKD; (ii) quantum amplifier and repeater demonstrators, addressing QKD distance limitations; (iii) measurement-device-independent (MDI) QKD technologiges, addressing current technology vulnerabilities.

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