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26 March 2019

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Launch of the UKQNtel Quantum Network: Connecting Research with Industry

The Quantum Communications Hub and lead industrial partner BT are launching UKQNtel – the Cambridge to Adastral Park quantum network.

UKQNtel is the new quantum network connecting the Quantum Communications Hub at Cambridge to BT Adastral Park. This network is funded by EPSRC and operates on standard commercial fibre provided by BT. It connects the metropolitan section of the EPSRC UK Quantum Network at Cambridge with BT Labs – BT’s Global Research and Development Headquarters. This new network will serve as a test-bed for device and system trials, proof of principle experiments, integration of quantum and conventional communications, and quantum application and service demonstrations for stakeholders, customers and the wider public. Operation on standard commercial fibre and connecting to Adastral Park will enable this new network to showcase UK quantum communications to a wide range of future users, to generate market pull and stimulate adoption.

Registration is strictly by invitation only.

Location: Hauser Forum (Cambridge) & Showcase Suite (Adastral Park, Innovation Martlesham)

Address: 3 Charles Babbage Road Cambridge CB3 0GT Barrack Square Martlesham Heath Martlesham Ipswich IP5 3RE