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3 September 2019

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QKD over 5GUK: Dynamic QKD network over the 5GUK testbed

The Quantum Communications Hub and University of Bristol will demonstrate the first 5G network secured by dynamic QKD methods and will share keys over end-to-end core, metro and access networks. This is a key step towards the final linking of the metro-scale networks in Bristol and Cambridge to BT Adastral Park to form the UK Quantum Network.

The core work involves two research groups within the University of Bristol, the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs and Smart Internet Lab. Together, they will demonstrate how quantum key distribution can be incorporated into a classical network structure and anticipate how the application will lead to improved UK infrastructure and device interoperability on a national scale. The University of Bristol has deployed 5G capability in its city centre and contributes to the key Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies for end-to-end 5G service delivery. The team welcomes discussion on how they can work with others to test quantum secured future network services and applications.

Registration is strictly by invitation only.

Location: Bill Brown Design Suite

Address: Queen’s Building, University of Bristol