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27 September 2019

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“QTX-3 2019: Quantum Technologies in Space” international workshop

The coincidence of the UK Space 2019 international conference, the Singapore / UK satellite QKD In-Orbit-Demonstration (IOD) research collaboration, and the specific interests of the Quantum Communications Hub partners in CubeSats have rendered a joint session close to UK Space 2019 opportune.

In response, an international specialist workshop has been co-organised by the UK Quantum Communications Hub and RAL Space. 

The event will be co-hosted by the Hub and the QTX research forum – led by Alex Ling of NUS, Markus Krutzik of Humboldt, and Andy Vick of RAL Space. The forum has previously met in Singapore and Germany – the last meeting was during the International Astronautical Congress.

The focus will partly be on quantum communications and the technologies that facilitate delivery from cubesats, but also on other specific technologies and system issues, e.g. SWaP constraints, and space qualification – from components to missions.

The workshop will take place on the day after the end of UK Space 2019 (24-26 September) and takes place in a venue adjacent to the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Newport, which is hosting UK Space 2019 itself.

Provisional Agenda for the day

Workshop Structure; 3 Themed Sessions, each with Speakers and a Panel –

  • Theme 1: Implementations of space based quantum comms
  • Theme 2: Implementations of space based quantum sensing
  • Theme 3: Supporting technologies for Space-Based Quantum technologies

Panels to be chaired by:
– Alex Ling (National University of Singapore)
– Markus Krutzik (Humboldt University, Berlin)
– Andy Vick (RAL Space)

Detailed Programme to follow.

Attendance is free though strictly by invitation only.

The event is sponsored by the UK Quantum Communications Hub and co-organised by the Hub and RAL Space.

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Location: The Celtic Manor Resort

Address: Coldra Woods, Newport, NP18 1HQ