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21 May 2021 (10:00 - 11:00)

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Quantum communications and the telecoms sector: Building a quantum-enabled economy

Quantum driven technologies, solutions, products and services are expected to bring profound changes to the telecommunications sector.  The potential of Quantum technologies for telecommunications is part of a wider push in the UK towards commercialisation of Quantum products and services. Given this new direction of travel, techUK believes now is the time to consider whether key markets in the UK are ready, willing and able to realise the full potential of Quantum technologies. They specifically want to understand how the telecoms sector set the right path in adopting quantum-based techniques and how quantum communications can commercialise. 

In this market briefing, techUK seeks to explore these questions and more. They will examine:

  • How to realise the security benefits of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in critical sectors, such as military communications?
  • Can Quantum Random Number Generation securely develop to fully replace current random number generation
  • The sectors set to realise the full benefits of quantum communication such as finance, healthcare, and utilities
  • Standards, governance and supply chain challenges

Quantum Communications Hub Director, Prof Tim Spiller, will be speaking at the event which is part of techUK’s year-long campaign on Quantum Commercialisation

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