Quantum Technologies are new disruptive sectors in which the UK has world-leading research, that now needs to be turned into cutting-edge development and manufacturing for the UK to gain return on its investment. Our Hub is focused on quantum secure communications where capability is of specific national importance due to the potential import/export controls on such technologies and thus the need for sovereign capability. The quantum communications sector is particularly important both from time scale and market reach perspectives. This area offers the prospect of commercialisation on relatively short timescales, since demonstrations, experiments and QKD test systems are already very well advanced. The new technologies we propose are also intended to open up widespread use and thus viable business models. Short range free-space QKD and chip-scale modules with operational networks are not specialist, high-margin solutions for narrow markets; rather these can bring quantum technologies to the much larger consumer and commercial markets. Quantum communications technologies are therefore a flagship for the whole quantum technologies sector, behind which other technologies e.g. computing can follow.

Our technologies will deliver:

  • Safer and more secure communications and transactions for all, from mobile phones and wireless connectivity through to backbone networks.
  • Creation of an expansive new market of quantum communications technologies with major, long-term economic implications for the UK infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration of the new technologies with conventional systems already in place.
  • Applications for widespread use and adoption across multiple sectors: government, finance and banking, healthcare, defence, e-commerce.

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