Industry Case Studies

The ultimate beneficiaries of the development of a quantum communications technologies industry will be businesses that rely on secure transmissions of data such as banks, defence organisations, and health services. But the immediate adopters of QKD will be technology companies that develop and sell QKD equipment, and telecommunications companies that implement QKD into their networks.


BT is an active investor in QKD and a partner of the Hub. It is making a big drive into QKD, which it sees as a potentially revolutionary technology and one that could transform network security.

Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.

TREL’s prototype Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system delivers digital keys for cryptographic applications on fibre optic networks. TREL are already making inroads into markets where data needs to stay confidential beyond the advent of quantum computers.

KETS Quantum

KETS has developed QKD technology on a chip, and is now working on commercialising it. Their technology can distribute secure keys from a chip the size of a fingernail, which can be easily manufactured in standard semiconductor foundries, and easily integrated into modern electronics.

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