BT is an active investor in QKD and a partner of the Hub. It is making a big drive into QKD, which it sees as a potentially revolutionary technology and one that could transform network security.

BT is developing systems based on commercial fibre, with extra channels used for sending the QKD key. Through partnerships with technology providers, BT hopes to offer complete managed network solutions. Medium term, it sees opportunities to sell Openreach access solutions with integrated QKD to provide highly secure communications across and between sites, or bespoke links such as those between a bank and a datacentre. But ultimately QKD could be at the heart of ubiquitous Quantum-Safe Cryptography that underpins the world’s secure communications, so BT wants to be ahead of the game.

Andrew Lord, Senior Manager of Optical Research at BT, says:

“There is a genuine fear in industry that quantum computers will upend global security protocols. Already we are seeing information being captured with the intention of hacking it once quantum computers reach maturity, so we have customers right now who are considering ways to future-proof their existing communications.”

“But longer term, we believe that QKD will be an essential part of communications in a post quantum world, and BT wants to be at the heart of providing trusted communications long into the future, which is why we are investing in QKD now.”

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