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March 25, 2021

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Hub Job Opportunity!

The Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of York is currently involved in two projects that will be undertaking experimental trials.  The Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY), funded by UK Government will be undertaking trials of 5G wireless communications from the Department’s Helikite system.  The HiQ project, funded by the Quantum Communications Hub, will be developing a quantum communications payload, based on free space optical communications, to be used with different forms of aerial platform. 

A fixed term role is available for a technical specialist to integrate into the two teams developing the systems for both projects, which includes academics and researchers from both the Departments of Electronic Engineering and Physics. 

Main responsibilities:

  • Take a lead in the design of bespoke electronic, control and electro-mechanical systems using refined skills and knowledge to interpret and implement the technical requirements of experimental work, based on 5G wireless communications and free space quantum communications and other bespoke electronic, control and electro-mechanical systems as needed.
  • Design, construct scientific experiments and equipment using specialist relevant knowledge and skills.
  • To collaborate and work alongside colleagues to plan, organise and control activities so that the communication systems and other bespoke electronic systems are delivered to a high standard.
  • Understand, promote and apply relevant COSHH, risk assessments and Departmental health and safety protocols, ensuring procedures are followed at all times. Take on specific safety roles where required.
  • Management of a budget, monitoring resource usage, negotiating with suppliers for a range of items, including specialist parts and equipment.
  • Present technical information within own area of expertise at meetings, conferences etc. and take part in discussions to inform on scientific advancement.

The position is full-time and is for a fixed term of 12 months.

Closing date: 20 April 2021

For more information about the position and to apply, please visit the University of York website.