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October 13, 2022

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Hub PhD Opportunity!

A PhD position is available in the Department of Mathematics at the University of York to work with Hub investigator Prof. Roger Colbeck on quantum random number generators (QRNGs).

Random number generators are useful in a wide variety of applications. Quantum processes are needed to generate fundamental randomness. One of the difficulties in quantum random number generation is being confident that the process being used really can generate randomness. The usual way of doing so involves taking the random number generator apart and modelling each of its internal components in detail. In this project we will look at practical ways to build next-generation device-independent QRNGs. By exploiting Bell’s theorem, these aim to justify the generation of quantum randomness without the need for detailed modelling of internal components. 

The position is connected to the UK’s Quantum Communications Hub and is available to start in the next few months. It includes a full stipend at the standard UK rate (currently just over £17,500 per year). In addition there are opportunities to teach that are remunerated. For more information about doing a PhD in York, please see . Applications will remain open until the position is filled.

Please contact Roger Colbeck ( with the subject line “QRNG studentship” if you have questions or wish to apply.