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June 3, 2020

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New report on Quantum Technologies published

The US Goverment Accountability Office has published a new report on Quantum Technologies which examines the maturity of the technologies, possible advances they will enable and the challenges the technologies face going forward.

The report states, “Quantum technologies could revolutionize sensors, computation, and communication. As a result, they could strengthen the country’s national security position and better protect sensitive and classified information, although many years of development may be needed to do so.” The report comments on the recent advances made in the use of fibre optics and satellites for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), to ensure that quantum cryptographic keys cannot be intercepted without the eavesdropper being detected, along with the current limitations of the technologies and development required.

In the UK, the Government Office for Science published ‘The Quantum Age: technological opportunities’, the Blackett Review of Quantum Technologies, in 2016. The review examined how technologies using quantum physics, including quantum communications technologies, are being applied, how these applications are being commercialised and where there are further opportunities for growth. You can read the review here.