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May 16, 2024

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Quantum City launches new website to engage next generation of quantum scientists

Quantum City, a public engagement initiative set up by UK National Quantum Technologies Programme partners in 2018, has reached a new milestone in the launch of a new website (quantumcity.org.uk) aiming to inform and capture the imaginations of people interested in understanding more about quantum technologies.

Quantum technologies will soon be used in our everyday lives, from our navigation systems to brain imaging scanners in hospitals. UK quantum researchers are working closely with industry to build technologies to transform communications, computing, imaging, sensing to ensure our infrastructure and services such as healthcare, transportation, environmental sustainability, and security, are fit for the future.

The new Quantum City website, which was created by Kent-based company 3six5, has been designed to create a more dynamic, interactive platform to provide a better visual representation of how quantum technologies can be incorporated into everyday life. The website features an interactive map of a quantum city which can be easily navigated by users, and explorations into the various sector areas, such as security, communications and infrastructure. Those wishing to explore careers in quantum can do so through a large range of career profiles, and there is also a comprehensive news section highlighting the successes achieved since the formation of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme in 2014.

Significantly, the website aims to explain in detail the wide-ranging impact of each of the quantum technology being developed by UK researchers. For instance, quantum imaging will be able to detect invisible gases such as methane, which will be an incredibly useful technology in tackling climate change.

The website aims to appeal to a wide range of audiences: from interested audiences with no technical background to science enthusiasts, and from teachers to young students, who want to find out more about quantum related career pathways.

Dr Kedar Pandya, Chair of the National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) Board said: “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the NQTP.  The Programme has unlocked new capabilities that are making a real difference to our everyday lives. The new website showcases our expertise in this area while making research advancements in quantum more accessible to wider audiences.”

Professor Mark Fromhold, University of Nottingham and Co-Investigator of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors & Timing said, “Quantum technologies being developed in the UK have already created multi-million-pound global markets and have huge commercial potential. The Quantum City website provides a resource for schools to build on these achievements by engaging our quantum scientists of the future and their teachers.”

Quantum City is a joint initiative involving representatives throughout the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and was created to instil an understanding of the benefits of quantum technologies for all of us, showcase the UK’s expertise in this area, and inspire young audiences to become the next generation of quantum technologists.