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April 24, 2017

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Quantum Technologies POSTnote

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has published a briefing document today focusing on quantum technologies. POSTnotes are reports designed to provide balanced and impartial advice to MPs and Peers, and today’s briefing includes information on quantum technologies from stakeholders from across the spectrum of academia, industry, government and the third sector. The result is a report providing an overview of quantum technologies, their expected impact and timescales to commercialisation, as well as current initiatives to promote their development.

With input provided by, amongst others, the Hub’s Director, Professor Tim Spiller, and Quantum Networks Lead, Dr Andrew Shields, the report covers five technology areas – communications, timekeeping, sensing, imaging and computing – as well as specific applications such as secure data transmissions, timing of networks, quantum navigation systems etc. Reference is also made to the societal implications of the new technologies, for example with regard to issues of privacy and access to the new technologies.

The POSTnote 552 into Quantum Technologies is available to download here.