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The Quantum Communications Hub has allocated funds (Partnership Resource) to support new collaborations which are closely aligned with the work of the Hub and support new capabilities. Submission of proposals for consideration by the Hub Management Team is open throughout the year.

If you are interested in finding out more, please have a look at the guidelines: Partnership Resource Guidelines_Final

To date, the Hub has made a number of investments in strategic potential: feasibility studies; proofs of concept; preliminary developments; demonstrators.


3D Photonic Components for Quantum Optical Communications

Development of 3D integrated multiport interferometers for state elimination measurement in quantum optical fibre communication systems using ultrafast laser inscription technology and offering considerable benefits over bulk optic systems, while also researching photonic lanterns-based components for communicating with orbiting satellites.


Autonomous System for Measurement Device Independent QKD   


Realisation of an MDI-QKD prototype that can operate continuously and with spatial separation of the two communicating parties, tackling challenges such as realisation of high-speed, real-time modulation of indistinguishable pulses from remote locations, and synchronisation of those remote locations.


Continuous Variable QKD

CV-QKD offers significant potential for high performance secure key distribution over metro (city-scale) distances, utilising existing data-communications infrastructures for the purpose. Demonstration of CV-QKD at higher clock rates with enhanced secure key rates will provide the basis for determining feasible implementation, with the reduced complexities and costs associated with standard optical communications.


CubeSat QKD and Groundstations

Realisation of satellite QKD with cube satellites, through exploitation of their lower development, launch costs and rapid development, and culminating in a terrestrial demonstration and engineering model of a CubeSat QKD system and optical ground station ready for full mission capability and in-orbit-demonstration.


Flexible Quantum Wireless System

Practical application of QKD in securing short-range wireless communications between a terminal such an ATM and a handheld device (e.g. mobile phone) for quantum security.


Frequency Down-Conversion to Telecom Wavelengths of On-Demand Indistinguishable Single Photons from a Quantum Dot

Aiming to realise the world’s brightest on-demand telecom wavelength source of single photons – essential for quantum repeaters and long-distance quantum networks – while using the most technologically mature platform for implementation of next generation quantum communication protocols.


High Speed (100 Gbps) Encrypted Optical Communications System Based on QKD and Optical Code Scrambling

Combination of approaches for jointly achieving computational security and optical layer security.


New UK Industry for Satellite QKD Optical Receivers

Feasibility study to determine availability of capabilities in both advanced optical technologies and manufacturing processes to develop new optical ground receivers, as part of an assessment of UK capability to become a manufacturing base for OGRs on a scale appropriate to a new global market.


Realistic Threat Models for Satellite Quantum Key Distribution

In-depth security study of satellite QKD, examining various assumptions about the physical channel between satellites and ground stations and aiming to add new capabilities through maximising the user exploitability of current and future quantum satellite missions.


Satellite Visibility Simulator for Quantum Optical Services and Experiments

Development of an an atmospheric visibility model, based on high temporal and spatial resolution data used to determine realistic optical transmission statistics derived from short (90 minutes) to medium (1 year) timescale data, and of value to missions currently in planning.


Towards Assurance/Certification of Physical Quantum Random Number Generators

Authoritative accreditation of outputs, through development of the necessary theoretical and experimental understanding, expertise and techniques to test physical QRNGs.


Quantum Ambassadors – inspiring the UK’s future quantum community of scientists and engineers

Comprehensive scheme of quantum related CPD and classroom-based activities for A-level students and teachers, seeking to increase awareness and understanding of the importance and relevance of quantum technologies to UK society, culture and the economy, and signposting career pathways in the field for science graduates.


Quantum Network Token Schemes

Development of quantum-enabled secure tokens allowing access authentication with no cross-checking delays for use on financial and other networks where time is critical and the light speed signalling bound is significant.


Quantum N.O.D.E (Network Operational Device rEceiver)

Investment in new node-based network architecture to dramatically reduce resources required for secure quantum communications networks. Integrated photonics approaches significantly reduce the technology footprint, while enabling scaling, thus alleviating the need for bulky and costly high performing detectors through concentration of resource into a single central location.


Wide Angle Receivers for Long-Distance Free-Space QKD

Precursor technology to satellite QKD, combining quantum key detection and pointing-and-tracking hardware into a single receiver, capable of providing spatial information directly from the quantum signal.