Public Engagement

The need to create the right social and regulatory context, through responsible innovation and effective regulation, is central to the National Quantum Technologies Programme. It is also particularly relevant for quantum communications, as data security raises (potentially different) issues for individuals, institutions, companies and governments.

To promote open discussion on the technologies and services we are delivering, the Hub’s strategy incorporates educational, public and user engagement activities, and cross-Hub collaboration through the Quantum City initiative.

Quantum City

Quantum City is a joint public engagement initiative by many stakeholders of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum Ambassadors

The UK Quantum Communications Hub are engaging into a partnership with the National STEM Learning Centre and the University of York Science Education Group to deliver a comprehensive scheme of quantum-related CPD and classroom-based activities for A-level students and their science teachers.

Public Dialogue

In late 2016, the EPSRC commissioned a public dialogue exercise with the aim of introducing members of the public to the potential of the emerging quantum technologies under development in the UK and understanding any concerns, aspirations and priorities relating to their future development and deployment.

The MacroPhoton

The MacroPhoton is an innovative teaching aid using the concept of light polarisation to highlight the potential of quantum mechanics for secure, encrypted communications.