Public Dialogue

In late 2016, the EPSRC commissioned a public dialogue exercise with the aim of introducing members of the public to the potential of the emerging quantum technologies under development in the UK and understanding any concerns, aspirations and priorities relating to their future development and deployment.

The main aims of the public dialogue were:

  • to explore public perceptions of quantum technologies, including exploring public aspirations, values, dilemmas, priorities and concerns
  • to engage and inform the public about quantum technology and any devices which will emerge from the National Quantum Technology Programme and the wider quantum technology community
  • to create a dialogue between experts, researchers and the public which will inform the quantum technology community
  • to gather public experience and opinion from a broad range of the public with diverse backgrounds on a full range of quantum technology issues
  • to seek public opinion on applications and uses of quantum devices and technology to identify new and interesting directions and purposes
  • to use the results of the dialogue to inform research and innovation priorities in the next phase of the National Quantum Technology Programme

A report describing all findings was published in 2018 and can be accessed here.

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