White Papers


Diamanti E. et al. Practical Challenges in Quantum Key Distibution

This review article surveys the range of challenges (such as secret key rate, distance, size, cost and practical security) that need to be addressed to facilitate widespread commercial deployment of secure quantum key distribution technologies. The article describes the approaches being pursued to address these challenges and gives a very extensive list of technical references.

Available for download here (external link)

May 2016

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD); Component characterization: characterizing optical components for QKD systems. ETSI GS QKD 011 V1.1.1

The latest ETSI standard document describes specifications and procedures for the characterization of optical components for use in QKD systems, including examples of specific tests and procedures for performing such tests

Available for download here (external link)

November 2015

Avascent White Paper – E. Rolfe, Place Your Bets: Creating a quantum technology strategy for defense (sic) firms.

This paper is from a US consultancy firm, giving their take on how quantum computing, communications and cascade lasers could affect the strategy of companies serving the defence and intelligence sectors.

Available for download here (external link)

June 2015

ETSI White Paper no 8 – Quantum Safe Cryptography and Security; An introduction, benefits, enablers and challenges

ISBN No. 979-10-92620-03-0. This is a very extensive paper which explains what “Quantum Safe” means, its applications and benefits, along with surveying the current state of the art in technologies (not just quantum) and protocols.

Available for download here (external link)

October 2012

IDQ White Paper – Data in Transmission: Is your printer network secure? V.1.0

This paper outlines potential risks and vulnerabilities in printer networks, along with a range of solutions.

Available for download here (external link)

March 2012

IDQ White Paper – Understanding Quantum Cryptography, v. 2.0

This paper provides a perspective on quantum cryptography from an existing company in the sector, with a focus on Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), and their applications.

Available for download here (external link)

March 2011

IDQ White Paper – Fibre Optic Networks: Your Weakest Link? v.1.0

This paper outlines a range of vulnerabilities of fibre optic communications technologies.

Available for download here (external link)

January 2007

SECOQC White Paper on Quantum Key Distribution and Cryptography, v.5.0

This is a detailed paper focused on QKD, from the large EU project collaboration SECOQC that demonstrated an eight-link, metro-scale QKD network in Vienna in 2007.

Available for download here (external link)