Quantum security at all distance scales

Welcome to the Quantum Communications Hub

The Quantum Communications Hub, funded through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, is a major collaboration of universities, numerous private sector companies and public sector bodies brought together to accelerate the development and commercialisation of quantum secure communications technologies and services at all distance scales.

The main vision of the Quantum Communications Hub is to deliver future-proof, practical, secure communications by exploiting the commercialisation potential of existing prototype quantum secure technologies beyond their current limitations; to contribute to the establishment of a quantum communications technology industry in the UK; and to feed its future expansion, competitiveness, diversification and sustainability.

Our upcoming events


2 November 2020 - 6 November 2020

European Quantum Week Education Session

The European Quantum Week is an online multi-modular event taking place between 2-6 November 2020. During the European Quantum Week, Education Sessions are being held where students from all over Europe will be given the opportunity to participate in activities about the fundamentals of quantum technology and learn more about quantum technologies and their applications […]


6 November 2020

UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase

The UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2020 will build on the success of previous years, demonstrating the progress made by the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, as it enters its second 5-year phase, and the growing commercialisation and industrialisation of quantum technologies in the UK. This annual event has now become a fixture in the […]