Quantum security at all distance scales

Welcome to the Quantum Communications Hub

The Quantum Communications Hub, funded through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, is a major collaboration of universities, numerous private sector companies and public sector bodies brought together to accelerate the development and commercialisation of quantum secure communications technologies and services at all distance scales.

The main vision of the Quantum Communications Hub is to deliver future-proof, practical, secure communications by exploiting the commercialisation potential of existing prototype quantum secure technologies beyond their current limitations; to contribute to the establishment of a quantum communications technology industry in the UK; and to feed its future expansion, competitiveness, diversification and sustainability.

Our upcoming events


7 July 2022 (08:30 - 09:00)

Assembly for Schools – Careers in Quantum Technologies: Sensing

In this 30-minute assembly you can find out more about a variety of career opportunities available in quantum sensing technologies. You will hear from four expert gravity and radar researchers from the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, funded through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, about their career journeys in quantum, the fascinating research […]


1 August 2022 - 5 August 2022

Quantum in the Summer

The Quantum Communications Hub is proud to again sponsor Quantum in the Summer which brings together students at A-Level to learn more about physics and engineering with the hope that it will inspire a future generation of students to pursue a career in science. Light has been at the heart of the many important breakthroughs […]