QKD for Space

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Quantum Communications in Space

Satellite QKD provides an elegant solution to the currently limited range of terrestrial optical fibre for key distribution, thereby extending the use of QKD from metropolitan and inter-city to international scales. The UK has world-leading research in terrestrial QKD, and the Hub is supporting accelerated translation of that expertise and leadership into satellite quantum communications, for an in-orbit-demonstration (IOD) mission of Hub developed technologies . We are also building on feasibility studies in support of satellite QKD funded by the Phase 1 Hub, and prototype receiver development by Hub partners through ISCF funded projects. A vital element of the IOD, the ground station, will also enable the UK to collaborate in international satellite QKD initiatives in addition to communicating with the Hub satellite.

The Hub’s SPOQC mission

The Satellite

The Quantum Signal Transmitter (satellite payload)

The Hub Optical Ground Station (HOGS)

Quantum Communications in Space Theory Modelling

The Hub’s links to other international missions

The Partners