The Quantum Communications Hub is a technology research and development consortium of UK Universities, industrial partners and public sector stakeholders, funded through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and focused on developing quantum secure communications technologies, with the aim to advance proved concepts such as quantum key distribution (QKD) systems to a commercialisation-ready stage.


New Hub Paper: 'Convex optimization of programmable quantum computers'

Banchi, L., Pereira, J., Lloyd, S. et al. Convex optimization of programmable quantum computers. npj Quantum Inf 6, 42 (2020)....Read more

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Save the Date - National Quantum Technologies Showcase - 6 November 2020

The National Quantum Technologies Showcase is an annual event, which has been running since 2015,...Read more

New Scientist Live North, 5-7 February 2021, Manchester Central

Alongside other stakeholders of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, the Quantum Communications Hub will...Read more

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