The main vision of the Quantum Communications Hub is to deliver future-proof, practical, secure communications by exploiting the commercialisation potential of existing prototype quantum secure technologies beyond their current limitations; to contribute to the establishment of a quantum communications technology industry in the UK; and to feed its future expansion, competitiveness, diversification and sustainability.

About the Hub

The Quantum Communications Hub is part of a national network of four hubs led by the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Oxford and York. The hubs represent the core investment of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, which aims to provide a test bed for the successful translation of quantum science into mainstream technological applications for economic benefit.

The Business Opportunity

The underpinning driver to the importance of secure quantum communications applications and services is the looming threat to current methods of secure transmissions posed by quantum computing. Quantum safe approaches such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and post-quantum algorithms will be needed to secure our communications and data infrastructure.

Industrial Engagement

The Hub has engaged extensively with Industry to direct research towards commercial needs and to create facilities such as the UK’s first Quantum Network for real world commercial testing of quantum communications technologies.

Towards a Quantum Economy

Since its inception in 2013, nearly £1bn has been invested in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme with growing interest in the commercial potential of the emerging technologies and private financing increasingly outgrowing government investment. (Nov. 2019)


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