Jul 28th 2020

ETSI / IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography Virtual Event, 27- 28 October 2020, Online

The 8th ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography workshop will be a virtual event. In light of the global COVID-19 situation and the related restrictions, the Programme Committee is reformatting the event into online sessions that will be available in a variety of formats.
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Jul 7th 2020

SPIE Security + Defence 2020 Industry Session – 21-24 September 2020

Expert speakers and industry insiders will come together to explore many new and exciting applications of photonics technologies in the defense, security, and sensing marketplace. Quantum Communications Hub Director, Professor Tim Spiller, will be giving an invited talk on Quantum Communcations as part of the event.
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Jun 2nd 2020

EPIC World Industrial Quantum Photonics Technology Summit – POSTPONED

The world is going through a quantum revolution. The purpose of the EPIC Industrial Quantum Photonics Technology Summit is to bring together the companies in the supply chain towards the commercialization of upcoming products resulting from the current R&D initiatives.

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May 7th 2020

UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase – 6 November 2020

The UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2020 will build on the success of previous years, demonstrating the progress made by the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, as it enters its second 5-year phase, and the growing commercialisation and industrialisation of quantum technologies in the UK.

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Mar 5th 2020

Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK 2020

We are proud to be supporting the three day Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK 2020 (CUWiP UK) at the University of York, between 12 and 15 March 2020.
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Oct 11th 2019

National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2019

The 2019 Showcase is being organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in collaboration with the National Network of Quantum Technology Hubs and the other National Programme Partners.
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Sep 13th 2019

Quantum in the City: the shape of things to come

Quantum physics is not the realm of science fiction; quantum properties are driving the next generation of innovative technologies that will have an impact on society in the near future. From non-invasive medical imaging to unhackable data security, discover how the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme is translating quantum theory into real-world applications in a panel discussion with directors from the UK’s four quantum technology hubs and an interactive exhibition of these emerging technologies to get a glimpse of what living in a ‘Quantum City’ might be like. 
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Aug 28th 2019

“QTX-3 2019: Quantum Technologies in Space” international workshop

The coincidence of the UK Space 2019 international conference, the Singapore / UK satellite QKD In-Orbit-Demonstration (IOD) research collaboration, and the specific interests of the Quantum Communications Hub partners in CubeSats have rendered a joint session close to UK Space 2019 opportune.


In response, an international specialist workshop has been co-organised by the UK Quantum Communications Hub and RAL Space. 
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