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Feb 20th 2018

Two new research associate posts in quantum communications!

The Quantum Communications Hub is looking to hire two talented postdoctoral research associates to work on a quantum random numbers generators project, funded by the Hub’s partnership resource allocation. The project will involve developing models as well as the necessary experimental understanding, expertise and techniques to test one or two implementations of quantum photonic random number generators (QRNGs), liaising with experimental colleagues at the National Physical Laboratory to ensure the suitability of this approach. The project will contribute to the development of a UK assurance process for these devices.
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Feb 8th 2018

Science and Technology Committee launches inquiry into Quantum Technologies

An inquiry into quantum technologies, one of the government’s 14 “core industrial challenges” has been announced by the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. The launch follows on from government investment of £270m in 2013 as part of the original UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, a Blackett report into quantum technological opportunities published by the Government Office for Science in 2016, and the recent announcement of £20m of “pioneer funding” as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.
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Nov 30th 2017

Quantum Communications Hub demonstrates technology advances at 2017 National Quantum Technologies Showcase

The 2017 National Quantum Technologies Showcase took place on 22 November at the QEII Conference Centre in central London. The third such meeting of its kind, the showcase is the flagship user engagement event of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, aimed at highlighting the commercial potential of the emerging technologies for the UK and global economy to representatives of government and industry. This year’s event attracted over 600 delegates and included nearly 60 technology demonstrators, covering multiple sectors of the economy: transport, healthcare, defence and security, components and heavy industry, finance, space and communications and future networks.
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Oct 23rd 2017

Quantum Secured Transmission Demonstration at the University of York

The University of York, lead partner in the Quantum Communications Hub partnership, is taking part in an EPSRC-commissioned public dialogue on quantum technologies, facilitated by Kantar Public, an independent social research agency. The dialogue consists of two full-day workshops with an interim activity and is rolled out across all lead institutions of the National Network Quantum Technology Hubs – the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Oxford and York.
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Sep 29th 2017

Hub presentation at the UK-NL Cyber Security Showcase

Following an invitation from the UK Foreign Office, Professor Tim Spiller gave a presentation on the work of the Quantum Communications Hub and implications for cybersecurity at the UK-NL Cyber Security Showcase on 27 September 2017 at the World Trade Centre in The Hague. The event was part of a larger programme of activities, Cyber Security Week 2017, and was jointly organised by the Netherlands Department for International Trade and the British Embassy.

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Sep 27th 2017


The Quantum Communications Hub team submitted a successful bid earlier in the year to undertake the delivery of the 7th International Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCrypt). The event took place in September 18th – 22nd at the University of Cambridge, with Hub team members from the Universities of York and Cambridge comprising the organising committee. QCrypt is the main forum of the quantum cryptography research community worldwide and this year’s meeting was attended by over 330 delegates.
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Sep 17th 2017

ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Workshop, London, 13-15 September 2017

The 5th ETSI/IQC international workshop on quantum safe cryptography took place last month at the Westminster Conference Centre, London. The event was jointly co-organised by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and the IQC, the University of Waterloo’s Institute of Quantum Computing, with further support provided by the Quantum Communications Hub which acted as host. The National Cyber Security Centre and CryptoWorks21 training partnership were also supporting partners.
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Sep 15th 2017

Paper of the week!

Congratulations to PhD student Ryan Parker, whose first peer reviewed paper – “Hybrid photonic loss resilient entanglement swapping” – was chosen upon publication as Journal of Optics’ paper of the week! The paper (Journal of Optics 2017, vol. 19, no. 10) was co-authored with colleagues Jaewoo Joo, Mohsen Razavi and Ryan’s supervisor, Tim Spiller, and can be accessed through this link – doi:10.1088/2040-8986/aa858a