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Jul 26th 2018

New ETSI White Paper on Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptography

ETSI, the independent, not-for-profit internationally recognized standards body dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services, have just published their latest White Paper: Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptography – Introduction, Challenges, Solutions.
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Jul 25th 2018

Atomic Architects exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition!

Our Quantum Communications Hub colleague, Professor Brian Gerardot and his ‘Atomic Architects’ team from Heriot-Watt University recently took part in the prestigious Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition which celebrates the cutting edge of UK science. Seven fast-paced but enjoyable days were spent at the Royal Society in London chatting to visitors of all ages about the excitement of atomically thin crystals for discovering new science and making new technologies.
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Jun 18th 2018

The third annual report is now published!

The third annual report of the Quantum Communications Hub, covering the period 2016-2017, was published earlier this month. The report was compiled with input from across the partnership and covers technical developments across all technology themes as well as content on partnership resource projects, user engagement events, outreach activities and much more.
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Jun 13th 2018

Hub Partner Cambridge Launches UK’s First Quantum Network

Cambridge, Wednesday 13 June 2018

The UK’s first quantum network, a major Hub deliverable, was launched today in Cambridge, enabling ‘unhackable’ communications, made secure by the laws of physics, between three sites around the city.
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Jun 1st 2018

Stakeholders of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme launch new public engagement website

The Network of UK Quantum Technology Hubs, National Physical Laboratory and Centres for Doctoral Training in quantum technology have today launched a new website to provide information about the impact of the emerging technologies.
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Apr 13th 2018

We are hiring!

We are seeking a talented postdoctoral research associate to work on an experimental project looking at assurance for quantum random number generators (QRNGs).
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Apr 2nd 2018

Canada Quantum Technologies Expert Mission, 19-23 March 2018

The Hub Director, Professor Tim Spiller, travelled to Canada for a week as part of an Innovate UK (IUK) Global Expert Mission into Quantum Technologies. Delivered by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) with support from the Catapult Centres, the Expert Missions help further IUK’s global strategy by providing the evidence base for where it should invest and by providing the opportunities for UK businesses to build partnerships and collaborations with key economies. Canada has invested over $1billion in quantum-related R&D over the past decade and is currently a global leader in this emerging field.
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Feb 20th 2018

Two new research associate posts in quantum communications!

The Quantum Communications Hub is looking to hire two talented postdoctoral research associates to work on a quantum random numbers generators project, funded by the Hub’s partnership resource allocation. The project will involve developing models as well as the necessary experimental understanding, expertise and techniques to test one or two implementations of quantum photonic random number generators (QRNGs), liaising with experimental colleagues at the National Physical Laboratory to ensure the suitability of this approach. The project will contribute to the development of a UK assurance process for these devices.
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