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December 15, 2021

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Quantum technologies posters released by Quantum City

Quantum City has created a series of posters on the many amazing ways that quantum technologies could improve our world. The posters are aimed at schools and their students; however, they are available to all.

The suite of posters includes a summary poster which defines what is meant by quantum technology and highlights the five key areas of quantum technologies: communications, computing, imaging, measurement and sensing. An overview of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and what to do if you’re a school student interested in getting involved in quantum are also included. A poster on each area of quantum and the many ways that they will improve our world is included within the set.

From making the invisible visible, to harnessing unimaginable computational power, revolutionising sensing, measuring with quantum and futureproofing our communications, these posters have all of the exciting applications covered.

A sneak preview of the first poster in the set can be seen below. You can download a copy of the posters, or alternatively, contact Quantum City to request a printed set to be sent to you, free of charge.

Quantum Technologies Poster