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June 1, 2018

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Stakeholders of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme launch new public engagement website

The Network of UK Quantum Technology Hubs, National Physical Laboratory and Centres for Doctoral Training in quantum technology have today launched a new website to provide information about the impact of the emerging technologies.

Branded Quantum City (www.quantumcity.org.uk) and featuring content in non-technical, engaging language, the website aims to promote awareness, create interest and address any questions about the impact the new technologies will have across all aspects of everyday life: healthcare, environment, transport, finance, manufacturing, communications, and many more. With a design that is modern, colourful and easy to navigate, the website aims to appeal to a wide range of audiences: from interested audiences with no technical background to science enthusiasts, and from teachers to young students, who want to find out more about quantum related career pathways. The site has been conceived as an ever-evolving depository of content to eventually include: pieces explaining basic concepts in quantum technologies, how these translate onto practical applications and how they compare to existing solutions; videos and animations, including of fun technical demonstrations; educational materials and teaching resources; news items highlighting exciting developments; blogs written by researchers and partners relating their experiences of working in the field; events listings; and much more.

The website is part of a larger joint initiative to promote public engagement involving many partners. Through a joint communications and impact evaluation plan, a series of science festival demonstrations, strong online presence and a coordinated social media strategy, participating partners hope to instil an understanding of the benefits of quantum technologies for all of us, showcase the UK’s expertise in this area, and inspire young audiences to become the next generation of quantum technologists.