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May 17, 2017

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Studentship opportunities with the UK National Quantum Technology Hubs

As a result of significant investment into a UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, a creative, adaptable, diverse and networked workforce is needed with the right balance of skills to ensure long-term benefit from new opportunities in this area. The UK National Network of Quantum Technology Hubs, led by the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Oxford and York, are offering fully funded PhD studentships in the areas of sensing and metrology, enhanced imaging, quantum computing and secure communications, to help deliver the next generation of skilled quantum scientists.

The programmes are multidisciplinary in nature, aimed at developing both academic excellence and adaptable, system-based engineering skills through close collaboration with industry. Successful candidates will be part of an emergent quantum ecosystem working with many stakeholders to exploit the potential of the new emerging technologies to simulate a quantum economy. Studentships are based at multiple partner institutions across the network, including at industrial partner sites.

To find out more about the research areas of the National Quantum Technology Hubs, the studentship opportunities available and entry requirements, the Hubs have organised a webinar in collaboration with the Institute of Physics. The webinar has been scheduled for Thursday 25 May at 15:00 and will be presented by the Hub Directors: Professor Kai Bongs, Director, UK Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology; Professor Miles Padgett, Principal Investigator, QuantIC; Professor Ian Walmsley, Director, NQIT; Professor Tim Spiller, Director, Quantum Communications Hub.

To attend this free webinar, register here.

A list of all currently available studentships with our Hub is provided below.

– Quantum Communication Networks: beyond simple point to point networks                                                                                                                         Offered by the University of York, based at Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.

– High-Rate Quantum Communications Networks
Offered by the University of Leeds

– Quantum Communications and Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Offered by the University of York, based at ID Quantique, Adastral Park

– Experimental PhD project in quantum digital signatures and quantum amplifiers
Offered by Heriot Watt University

 Theoretical PhD project on quantum communication and quantum information
Offered by Heriot Watt University

– Quantum Technologies focusing on the generation of random numbers
Offered by the University of York

– Photonic systems metrology for quantum communications hardware
Offered by the University of York, based at NPL

– Quantum technologies with an ideal source of indistinguishable single photons
Offered by Heriot Watt University

– Integrated Quantum Key Distribution
Offered by the University of Bristol

Projects are expected to start in October 2017 though earlier start dates will be considered. Particular details for the projects on offer can be found through the links above, which also provide information on how to apply.

For any additional queries, please contact us at