Fibre-coupled Room Temperature Single Photon Sources

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Single photon sources (SPS) are an enabling component technology for applications including unbreakable cryptography, precision metrology and quantum information processing. The aim of this project is to develop single photon sources based on the two-dimensional semiconductor hexagonal boron nitride (hBN). Colour centres in hBN have considerable promise thanks to bright and stable fluorescence, narrow linewidths and nanosecond lifetimes at room temperature. And, as a two-dimensional material, hBN can be incorporated into complex structures using simple transfer and placement techniques. This provides an edge over other materials as it opens up the possibility for high quality heterostructure devices, and a route to the integration of colour centres with high performance photonic devices. The focus in this project will be to produce a high-efficiency, high-repetition rate, single photon source prototype, through the integration of hBN and silicon nitride based nanophotonics.