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December 5, 2019

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Hub team takes part in biggest national showcase yet

The Quantum Communications Hub team had the opportunity to exhibit real progress across all its technology work streams at this year’s national showcase event, which took place in London’s QEII conference centre on Friday 15 November. Marking the biggest event of its kind yet, the showcase featured 80 exhibits from across the UK quantum community. Our Quantum Communications Hub team took part with ten exhibits plus a central stand with all our marketing literature in the form of reports, industry leaflets and strategy documents. Our experimental colleagues showcased work on the UK’s first Quantum Network (UKQN) and its extension to a big ICT industry cluster (UKQNtel); quantum secure orchestration of multi-domain network services as exemplified across the Bristol 5G network; QKD networking interoperability through our Bristol developed open access software; modelling work on assurance of quantum random number generations; demonstrations on SPAD arrays and High Altitude Platforms; array receivers for free-space quantum coherent communication; MDI QKD; handheld QKD devices for transfer of encryption keys; and finally CubeSat technology. The event was a huge success with a delegate list nearing 1000 people from the civil service, public sector bodies, industry, and trade press. Videos on our UKQN and HAPS work can be accessed through our Hub YouTube channel.