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The EPSRC Quantum Communications Hub is in partnership with the National STEM Learning Centre and the University of York Science Education Group to deliver a comprehensive scheme of quantum-related CPD and classroom-based activities for A-level students and their science teachers, over a two year period. The aim of the scheme is to promote the uptake of STEM subjects, highlighting the benefits and applications of mature quantum technologies and signposting career pathways for science graduates. The scheme seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the importance and relevance of quantum technologies to UK society, culture and the economy. Partners work closely with the other UK technology hubs and the STEM ambassadors community, using the science and technologies of the National Quantum Technologies Programme as a context in which to develop and deliver an inspiring enrichment scheme across the UK. The scheme is UK wide – achieved by a collaborative approach involving a wide network of partners and support organisations.

To find out more, visit the Quantum Ambassadors website here.