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Quantum security at all distances scales

The Quantum Communications Hub’s vision for this second phase of its programme of work (2019 – 2024) is to develop quantum secure communications at all distance scales, pursuing integration between these technologies and conventional communications infrastructure. New applications and services can define and serve new markets, enabling widespread use and adoption.

Specifically the Hub is aiming to:

– Extend and evolve the UK Quantum Network – exploring new networking approaches; developing novel architectures for the integration of classical and quantum communications; operating technology trials and demonstrations

– Advance miniaturisation of QKD technologies onto chips – enabling integration of low-cost, reliable and handheld quantum technologies with current consumer devices and service operations

– Overcome the current distance limitations of terrestrial fibre-based QKD – by developing and trialing satellite quantum communications technologies for the secure transfer of information worldwide

– Develop new quantum sources, detectors and protocols beyond QKD

Underpinning all Hub technologies is a focus on security – of devices, systems and end-to-end. This cross-cutting theme embraces work on metrology, calibration and worldwide certification of standards for industry (particularly through partnerships with NPL and ETSI); integration of quantum and post-quantum technologies; undertaking cryptographic and security analysis, vulnerability analysis and testing, combined with the development of countermeasures – all from the perspective of providing practical and secure applications and services at all distance scales.

For more information on the Hub’s specific deliverables, please refer to the pages below:

The UK Quantum Network

Extension and evolution of the UKQN, exploration of new networking approaches, technology trials and demonstrations, and exploitation for user engagement.

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Continuous Variable-QKD

Experimental development of robust, high-rate CV-QKD systems for secure communication in fibre, free-space and satellite links.

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Entanglement-Based Networking

Practical multi-user entanglement distribution and repeater-enabling quantum technology.

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“Consumer” QKD

Development of improved, miniaturised, reliable, low-cost, handheld QKD.

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QKD for Space

In-orbit-demonstration (IOD) mission of Hub developed technologies.

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Chip-Based Quantum Communications

Further development of chip-based quantum communications towards network compatibility.

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New Protocols

Theoretical and practical development of schemes for commercially significant tasks.

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Detectors and Sources

Consolidating UK supply chains in these strategic underpinning components.

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Metrology and Standards

Advancing metrology, calibration, side-channel and standards work.

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Primitives and Hybrid Systems

Integration of post-quantum cryptography with QKD.

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Security Analysis and Testing

Security assessment – of devices, systems, hybrid systems and end-to-end.

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