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Funding strategic collaborations

The Quantum Communications Hub has allocated funds (Partnership Resource) to support new collaborations which are closely aligned with the work of the Hub and support new capabilities.

The Hub has recently completed its second round of Partnership Resource Funding, however, there will be a third round. Please visit this page again and keep an eye on our social media for announcements regarding the next round of funding.

HiQ – QKD on High Altitude Platforms: Proof of Concept & Demonstration

QuID – Entanglement-Based Token for Quantum PIN IDentification

Fibre-coupled Room Temperature Single Photon Sources

Integrated Quantum Key Distribution and fast Optical Code scrambling for secure Gbps data transmission

Autonomous System for Measurement Device Independent QKD

Continuous Variable-QKD

CubeSat QKD and Groundstations

Flexible Quantum Wireless System

Frequency Down-Conversion to Telecom Wavelengths of On-Demand Indistinguishable Single Photons from a Quantum Dot

High Speed (100 Gbps) Encrypted Optical Communications System Based on QKD and Optical Code Scrambling

Realistic Threat Models for Satellite Quantum Key Distribution

Satellite Visibility Simulator for Quantum Optical Services and Experiments

Towards Assurance/ Certification of Physical Quantum Random Number Generators

Quantum Ambassadors

Quantum Network Token Schemes

Quantum N.O.D.E (Network Operational Device rEceiver)

Wide Angle Receivers for Long-Distance Free-Space QKD

QCHAPS – Quantum Communications & HAPS: A Feasibility Study

Long-distance quantum key distribution with on-demand single photons in the telecom-C band

3D Photonic Components for Quantum Optical Communications