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Experimental Side Channel Analysis of BB84 QKD Source

By Ayan Biswas, Anindya Banerji, Pooja Chandravashi, Rupesh Kumar, Ravindra P. Singh.

Submitted to arXiv on 19 June 2021.

A typical implementation of BB84 protocol for quantum communication uses four laser diodes for transmitting weak coherent pulses, which may not have the same characteristics. We have characterized these lasers for mismatch in various parameters such as spectral width, pulse width, spatial mode, peak wavelength, polarization and their arrival times at the receiver. This information is utilized to calculate possible information leakage through side channel attacks by evaluating mutual information between source and eavesdropper. Based on our experimental observations of cross correlation between parameter values for different laser diodes we suggest ways to reduce the mutual information and consequently information leakage to Eve.

Read the whole paper here.