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July 22, 2017

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New research post in Quantum Communications

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious researcher with a background in quantum communications to join our team in one of the UK’s leading research intensive Universities, working on the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Communications.

Quantum key distribution (QKD) provides unbreakable, future-proof security against the vulnerabilities of most cryptosystems currently in operation. QKD has been implemented mostly over dedicated channels and between two parties. Before current communication vulnerabilities are exploited, it is essential to facilitate the use of QKD technology for any two users at any distance, via a network. This project addresses the theoretical analysis of quantum communications networks, including the UK Quantum Network, at access and metro levels. Another key aspect is the theoretical development of future generations of quantum networks via quantum repeaters.

Holding a PhD (or an expectation that a PhD will be awarded soon) in Physics, Engineering, or a related discipline, you will have a track record in quantum communications research which has led to publications in international refereed journals. You will also need to have experience in the use of numerical/symbolic maths software such as MATLAB, Maple, or Mathematica.

You will work closely with Dr M Razavi, at the intersection of quantum information science and optical communications. You will also collaborate with partner researchers in the National Hub for Quantum Communications Technologies.

You can download a copy of the candidate brief here. The deadline for applications is 12 July 2017.

To explore the post further or for any queries you may have, please contact: Dr Mohsen Razavi, Associate Professor (