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Continuous-variable measurement device independent quantum conferencing with post-selection

By Fletcher A.I., Pirandola S.

Submitted to arXiv on 28 March 2022.

A continuous variable (CV), measurement device independent (MDI) quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol is analyzed, enabling three parties to connect for quantum conferencing. We utilise a generalised Bell detection at an untrusted relay and a postselection procedure, in which distant parties reconcile on the signs of the displacements of the quadratures of their prepared coherent states. We derive the rate of the protocol under a collective pure-loss attack, demonstrating improved rate-distance performance compared to the equivalent non-post-selected protocol. In the symmetric configuration in which all the parties lie the same distance from the relay, we find a positive key rate over 6 km. Such postselection techniques can be used to improve the rate of multi-party quantum conferencing protocols at longer distances at the cost of reduced performance at shorter distances.

Read the whole paper here.