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November 25, 2022

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Spin-augmented observables for efficient photonic quantum error correction

Callus E, Kok P.

Submitted to arXiv on 25 November 2022

We demonstrate that the spin state of solid-state emitters inside micropillar cavities can serve as measure qubits in syndrome measurements. The photons, acting as data qubits, interact with the spin state in the microcavity and the total state of the system evolves conditionally due to the resulting circular birefringence. By performing a quantum non-demolition measurement on the spin state, the syndrome of the optical state can be obtained. Furthermore, due to the symmetry of the interaction, we can alternatively choose to employ the optical states as measure qubits. This protocol can be adapted to various resource requirements, including spectral discrepancies between the data qubits and codes with modified connectivities, by considering entangled measure qubits. Finally, we show that spin-systems with dissimilar characteristic energies can still be entangled with high levels of fidelity and tolerance to cavity losses in the strong coupling regime.

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