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April 16, 2020

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The powerfulness of classical correlations

Dardo Goyeneche, Wojciech Bruzda, Ondřej Turek, Daniel Alsina, Karol Życzkowski

Submitted to arXiv on 1 Apr 2020.

Determination of classical and quantum values of bipartite Bell inequalities plays a central role in quantum nonlocality. In this work, we characterize in a simple way bipartite Bell inequalities, free of marginal terms, for which the quantum value can be achieved by considering a classical strategy, for any number of measurement settings and outcomes. These findings naturally generalize known results about nonlocal computation and quantum XOR games. Additionally, our technique allows us to determine the classical value for a wide class of Bell inequalities, having quantum advantage or not, in any bipartite scenario.

Read the full paper here.