Quantum Communications in Space Theory Modelling

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The Hub’s engineering outputs in this area are supported by rigorous theoretical modelling undertaken by Hub colleagues at the University of Strathclyde. Drs Daniel Oi and Jasminder Sidhu and their colleagues have developed SatQuMA (Satellite Quantum Modelling & Analysis Software), a numerical toolkit that determines the finite key capacity in satellite-based quantum key distribution (SatQKD). This open source software is being aimed at providing modelling and analysis for SatQKD missions and is available to download on GitHub! Already this modelling work has provided valuable insight to support the Hub’s choice of an optimal site for the establishment of its HOGS and looking ahead it is expected to contribute to modelling and analysis of further key parameters (source quality, background light, overpass geometries, etc.) and their implications on satellite QKD system design and operation alongside establishing performance benchmarks for both sources and detectors of quantum signals in space.