Continuous Variable-QKD

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Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) has recently seen a revival of interest as a potentially high performance technique for secure key distribution over limited distances. Demonstration of CV-QKD based on regeneration of reference frame at the receiver shows compatibility with classical coherent detection schemes that are widely used for high bandwidth classical communication systems. Most importantly, seamless integration into existing DWDM classical network makes it a potentially a highly viable quantum secure key distribution technology over current networks: a most appealing aspect of CV-QKD is that it can use telecommunications equipment which is readily available and which is also in common use industry wide. However, a lower clock rate and data processing complexities affect commercial interests and widespread use of CV-QKD systems in secure data communication networks. The aim of this project is to explore the feasibility of a demonstration of a CV-QKD system that runs at higher clock rates with enhanced secure key rate. An additional aim is to implement key distribution protocols that require reduced complexities in data processing – which is also advantageous towards early commercialization.